Saturday, October 29, 2011

Classroom Incentive Board

Hello out there in Cyber Space!
I have been very busy with school and doing some fun crafting to motivate my kiddos.  We all know that kids live for motivation, competition and fun.  Well, they have to learn 120 sight words and we want them to be motivated and learn them as quickly as they can.  The other teachers have in the past created progressions on the outside wall where they can show off their progress.  Well my teachers assistant said that they in the past she had thought of a racing theme.  Once she said that my Cricut light bulb came on!  All of a sudden I had an idea of Cars running through my head.  So it was then time for the adventure to begin.  My mom and I created 23 different cars and I made a race track.  The students will race from Pit Stop to Pit Stop as they learn their sight words.  I then also created blimps to fly above with their names.  These will then be used in January when we start AR. 

Thanks so much for looking!  I can't wait until Monday when the fun begins.
Happy Creating!!!!


  1. Cassie, Love your reading chart! I thumbed through your other classroom posts too. You really have gone all out with the Cricut! Thanks for a few new ideas for my room too.

  2. What a fun way to chart the progress of your class! Great use of the Cricut! I know your students are going to enjoy this race!