Monday, September 19, 2011

Cricut Banner for HSN Contest

So this past weekend I finally got some crafting done.  HSN is hosting a contest in which people have to make a banner that spells out Cricut.  I have seen some peoples banners and all I can say is, WOW!  But I had mine out in the mail before I saw many of these amazing banners.  I did the designing of this using my Gypsy which puts every cartridge that you own at your own finger tips.  I finished the banner and then listed the cartridges that I used on the back.  I was amazed after listing them that I used 6 cartridges in the making of this project.  Here are some pictures of the banner that I sent in, here's to hoping that it gets there in 2 days.

Here is the whole banner.  I did not have a cartridge with a banner that I really liked the shape of.  So I did take a banner that I liked the shape of and welded basic shapes to create that same shape.  I then welded and grouped those shapes together.  The letters are Gypsy Fornt and after I cut them I used Copic markers to add some color.  The dangles are made by overlapping different base images from Cricut Everyday and drawing on Shrinky Dinks.  I then used colored pencils to color in the images.  The ribbon is plain white ribbon that I colored using Copic markers.

Here is a close up of the R and the Cricut box.  The letters look shiney and that is because all of them are coated with Liquid Glass.

Here is a close up of the Cricut Box Shrinky Dink.

Here we have the I and C pennant with the Cricut Expression hanging from them.

A close up of the Expression

Finally the letter U with a cartridge hanging from it.

A close up of the final Shrinky Dink

Every pennant had a border that I made welding shapes on Elegant Edges.  The flowers are paper made with Tags Bags and Boxes.  I cut them at 2', 1.5" and 1".  I then curled the edges, punched them and added a gem or pearl brad.  They were then sprayed with Pearl Glimmer Mist to add more sparkle.

This was a very fun contest to enter but it was hard to send it off.  I am glad I have the patterns on my Gypsy in case I want to make on for my craft room.

Happy Creating!

Is it a boy or a girl?

So my brother and sister-in-law are expecting their third little one.  They currently have 2 boys and were hoping to complete their family with a little girl.  They decided that they wanted to do something different and mail some sort of announcement.  The conversation began when we were talking about the new craze of making pink or blue cakes that you cut into to find out the sex of the baby.  I enjoy making cakes as well as my crafting and scrapping.  But of course we could not send cakes across the country.  So, I was going to come up with a cake like type of decoration.  My mom started brain storming ideas with me and lets just say she comes up with good ideas but wow were some of them complicated!  We tried a few ideas and nothing quite looked right.  I then remembered a class that I took with Cindy Royal (Thanks Cindy!) at the Cricut Stampede.  I tried to explain it to my mother and she was really questioning it.  Then the next day I found the example I made in class and I showed her and she loved it.  So there we went and we got started.
Now the tricky part is that we were going to make 8 and many of the people knew she was going to be finding out and wanted to know right away.  So the fact that we are in Mississippi and we have a good bit of family in CA I needed to get them prepped and out as quickly as possible.  So, to make things easier I created 8 undecorated bases and 8 sets of decorations for both boy and girl.  That way once we found out I could whip them up that night (OK, it still took 6-7 hours so it still took most of that night) and then get them out in the post early the next day.  We really enjoyed how they turned out and it was a fun way to discover the news.

So just like the surprise cakes I made the outside completely neutral so that the person receiving it only discovers if it is a boy or a girl when opening up the box.

Once you pull off the lid the sides open up and there are standing items on little plastic pieces.  There is then a tea light with flowers around the flame.  This is designed to look like a mini cake so the recipients do get a cake after all!

Here I had the flash on so some of the colors are a little washed.  You can see that I have the flame turned on.

I used Storybook and Sugar and Spice for the pop ups.

Another shot of the inside and the little girl.

Here we have the baby carriage.

Thank you so much Cindy for this idea, I am so glad I took your class.  My brother and sister-in-law loved the goodies that they got to send out.  Thanks so much for your looking!
Happy crafting,

More Classroom Decorations

I am soooo sorry that I have been so MIA these past few months.  With school having started in August I am spending most of my time on things for my class.  I did create some items for my classroom but never got on here to post.  I know some of you had seen my color chart and wanted to see what else I had in store for my class.  Here I am going to just post a few of the pictures so that you can see some of the decorations.  As I posted before I decided to make my theme Robotz and thought it was quite fitting with the fact that we have a specific Robot cartridge.  Hope some of these ideas may offer some inspiration for you teachers out there.

Here we have a far off shot of the wall.  You can see the color chart, calendar, months, days of the week and the word wall.
 Here is a picture of the robot word wall.

 This is a close up of the robots for the word wall.  The vowels are done in red and the consonants are yellow.

Here is the birthday wall.  I have since added candles with the name written down the candle and the date written on the flame.

Here is a closer picture of the cupcakes.

My robot discipline chart.  Every student has a star on magnets that they move if they have a hard day.

Here I have my reading wall Robotz.  The words and the stars were already there so I decided to leave them and just accent them with Robotz.

Thanks for looking!
Happy Crafting,