Thursday, March 31, 2011

Disney Swap Elements!

Hello out there in the virtual world! 
So a good cricut friend of mine got me to sign up for a swap that she was joining on the DisBoards.  I kept telling myself no, but before I knew it I was signed up for not one, but 3 groups..... ooops.  Well with me and procrastinating, busy life and making some over complicated elements it took me a while.  I am happy with the results and hope the group likes them.  I think they are cute but don't know what the group expects since it is my first Dis Board swap.  Well.... I guess I should stop talking about it and get to the fun part, the pics.

This Swap group is done for a pin trading themed group.  The big Mickey mouse is an element paper pieced with Mickey and it says pin trading around the world around the outside.
 Then on the journaling boxes and photo mats I kept it simple, yet complicated.  (Make sense, lol!)  I cut out the outside of the characters with my blade and then put in the gel pen and drew the characters.  Then, after it was sitting for a while I used my Copics and colored in the image.  They were then just added onto a silver circle in order to try to give it a little more of a "pin" look.

 Here I have my swaps for my Toontown themed swap.  I created the title using my Gypsy and trying to overlap the letters in a way that resembled the same layering as the original signs at the parks.
 Here is a close-up of the title.  The background of the title and the photo corners are created with some "homemade" paper that I created using a photo program and clip art.  

 My final swap was a "Snack Time" theme.  This one was my first project and I must say I got sucked into the details.  The popcorn is made out of tiny Mickey heads that I inked up.

Thanks so much for coming by!  Sorry I know this post was picture heavy but I have been a busy lady.  Have a wonderful crafty week and I will be back on soon with some fun projects.  Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Frisco, TX Cricut Stampede!

Hi Cricuteers!!!
Yesterday, I got home from one of the best weekends!  I drove out to Texas with a friend of mine, Brenda, for a fun filled Cricut weekend.  I was able to meet so many great people and put faces to so many people that I would see in my virtual life on the Circle message board.  It was amazing the connection so many people had and I spent the weekend with two great ladies, Jamie and Brenda.  We had a great time and it was amazing to think that we had just met on the message boards.  We then also had 3 other great table mates around us; Joann, Hope and Andi.  I then was able to meet some people that I would always see and talk to on the message board.  I just can't express how much fun I had and I cannot wait until next year!!!

Enjoy the pictures!!!

 Here we have a few pics of Mike talking to us at the Circle Meet-up.  He is a pretty funny guy and obviously cares about his customer base.

 Our door for the Cricut door decorating contest.  We are already thinking about what to do next year.  :-)
 He's watching you!
 Pictures from Robyn's (My Pink Stampers) class.  She and Karlee were great and I was so happy to meet them!

 Karlee playing Charades

 An awesome table decoration by a male Cricuteer at the event.
 Some AWESOME door decorations!

 Andi and Holly
 Joann and Angela
 Angela, Joann, myself and Brenda!  We all had so much fun together!
Me with Scrapalette!
 Me with MamaC!!
 Scrapalette and MamaC making the most of a bad situation.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Western Cricut

Hello to all my virtual friends!

So, the Stampede is right around the corner and I have SOOOOO much to do.  Nothing is completely done and mass productions is sometimes hard to get into.  I have been seeing peoples adorable hotel doors and have been talking to roomies about what we might want to do.  So last night I decided to take a break from my cards and make a giant bug.  He is 18 inches and I made him with geo shapes, my Cricut Everyday cart, and Mickey gloves.  I think he turned out kinda cute!

Well, the weather is crazy and it is a perfect crafty day!  I will be trying to get some stuff done before it's time to get to work at 5.

Have a crafty day!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stampede Calling Card Prototype

Hello everyone!
I will be going to the Texas Stampede in just 2 short weeks!  I am sooooo excited but have so much to do.  I finally created a full prototype after struggling to come up with an idea.  I am unsure how I feel about it yet.  I think I like the idea but would love to get any ideas if anyone feels anything should be changed. 
Thanks so much in advance!