Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Teacher gift created by a wonderful class

Well, as I stated I had been busy working in a classroom as the teacher was out on maternity leave.  This is the third maternity leave that I have been a substitute for.  Well, a tradition that I have started for myself is to have students in the class write stories in which to create a book for the baby.  So this year I had the 2nd graders write fairy tales for their teacher's baby.  This book I must say is my favorite book of the three that I had been a part of.  I must give credit where credit is due and a good part of it is due to Provo Craft's wonderful creation, Your Story!  I have had the Your Story for well over a year and have just started using it for mementos in the last 2 months and I am beginning to LOVE it!  The final product was adorable and was enjoyed by the students in the class as well as many of the staff members who were able to look at it. 

Copics are such wonderful creations!

So, how many of you have discovered the wonderful joy of Copic markers?  I must say that they are the worlds best marker and they can make anyone feel like an artist.  Well, I love using them and I love finding the perfect stamps to color.  One of my favorite stamps to use with copics are the Greeting Farms stamps.  Their images are wonderful, adorable, and so fun to color!  Well, I used my stamps and copics to make some thank you cards for people that I worked with.  Although all the cards have a similar feel by being a tri-fold cards with 1 image as a focus I was happy with how they turned out.  I also used my old friend Cuttlebug to add some embossing and textured flare to the card.

Teacher Gifts

Hello out there!  I am so sorry that I have been so MIA and that it has been so long in between posts.  I had spent a number of weeks working in a classroom while the teacher was out on maternity leave.  I LOVED the school and the staff was wonderful.  As a thank you I made clipboards for the teachers at the grade level that I was working with.  I had so much fun there and wanted to show my appreciation.  I made these clipboards by tearing up school themed paper and modge podging it onto the clipboard.  I then of course used my Cricut to add some decorations onto the back of the board.  I know that when I had my classroom I liked to have a colorful board so that it would stand out in the classroom.  Enjoy!!